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    Corporate Travel Management

    Service Offerings

    We surround our clients with a team of professionals who deliver fully customizable solutions.

      A Strategic Approach:

      ¾    Proactive cost-management solutions

      ¾    Exceptional personal service

      ¾    Advanced technologies

      ¾    Measurable return on investments to achieve objectives

      Team Approach with a Personal Touch

      ¾    Dedicated Small Teams—All agents have over 18 years of business travel experience

      ¾    Quick and Easy direct access— It’s your choice— Call or email directly to the agent or your team – no large call centers

      ¾    Seamless access to all your bookings— agents, online support, after hours, phone, email, chat. Nothing is outsourced. We are accountable. Period.

      Concierge VIP Desk: Going Above and Beyond for your VIPS

      ¾    24/7 flight monitoring to ensure smooth travel

      ¾    Pre-trip reconfirmation of air, hotel and car reservations

      ¾    Preferred seat check-in

      ¾    Confirmation of membership programs

      24 Hour Service: Quick Response and Fast Solutions

      ¾    Balboa Travel owns and manages After Hours Service Center. US team of experts adheres to a rigorous standard of service excellence

      ¾    Complimentary call you when your flight is delayed or cancelled with rebooking information

      ¾    After Hours Chat with direct access to our agents. Available overseas or in-flight

      Mobile Solutions with TripCase

      ¾    Ability to link travelers to your booking site and travel program

      ¾    Desktop and mobile applications itinerary supporting iPhone, Android and Blackberry

      ¾    Historical access to past trips and invoices

      International Rate Desk Saves you 10%-25% on Average

      ¾    35 years of international experience, providing Best-In-Class service

      ¾    International audit bookings by multilingual specialists for lowest fares and route planning

      ¾    Documented savings—we beat the airlines at their own game

      Duty of Care- Real Time Locator Service

      ¾    Comprehensive global security and crisis management platform locates employees in real time, including en route changes, same plane travel and flight tracking

      ¾    Global map interface allows drill down information on employees in “hot-spot” locations

      ¾    Technology to proactively reach out to employees impacted and get them back on track without incident

      Unused Ticket Management

      ¾    Unused ticket bank that proactively re-uses non-refundable tickets

      ¾    Automated traveler reminders 90 days prior to expiration

      ¾    Online reminders when booking new trips

      ¾    Maximized cost savings opportunities