Account Management

Strategic Solutions

Balboa Travel’s Strategic Solutions Managers focus on your account management needs and more. As your single point of contact, their goal is the overall success of your travel program. Their expertise in travel management and the corporate travel industry enables them to create and direct strategies to meet the unique requirements of your company.

From implementation and throughout our partnership, your Strategic Solutions Manager facilitates policy development, provides ongoing recommendations, shares industry updates and holds regular reviews of your program’s development and success. They work with you to build a comprehensive business plan encompassing every component of your travel program. Strategic Solutions Managers provide leadership, coordination and quantifiable value.

To ensure our goals align with yours, we offer the following:

  • Single point of contact with a decisive plan that results in clear-cut savings.
  • Fresh, new ideas in the travel industry
  • Analytics, KPI’s, dashboards and meaningful data
  • Consulting services for vendor negotiations, travel policy improvement, bench-marking, increased traveler compliance, cost reduction, changing traveler behavior and risk and security.
  • Maximized savings while maintaining balance
  • A global manager for multi-national programs

Would you like a free evaluation of your travel program? Take advantage of our complimentary consultation today.

Our consultants have in-depth expertise, coupled with unparalleled sources of local, global and industry-specific data. They create strategies to meet your unique needs, helping you take control. Below are some of the pressing questions we answer:

  • How can my company improve compliance?
  • How can we show the travel program's value for the organization?
  • How can we meet traveler's expectations for security and comfort?
  • How can we reduce our process costs?
  • How can we better leverage our spend?
  • How do we perform against our peers?