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Tanja Business Traveler

"I want to note what a great job they do when there are problems en-route to a business meeting, due to bad weather or a strike. The 24 hour service provides a consistently great job getting me re-routed me as quickly as possible so that I can arrive at my planned destination with as little delay as possible. For example, last year I was flying to Italy for a conference when Lufthansa went on strike – before I even got on the phone they had already re-routed me through Paris – before all the available seats on flights to Italy were booked up. So I was not late to the trade-show and the company did not lose any money. With their 24 hour service I never feel ‘stranded’ when something goes wrong, this gives me significant peace of mind when traveling (especially internationally). I think this company provides real value to us, looking forward to using their services in 2018!"

Louis Business Traveler

"Thank you Balboa for the awesome resourcefulness in making an alternate travel plan work. I just arrived at the Delta check in when they started paging me. I will be boarding in 10 minutes and making a connection in Minneapolis to make it back to Montreal tonight. Genuinely better than mid day tomorrow. Thank you everyone. Appreciate the help and the “Can’t-be-stopped” attitude."

Mary Business Traveler

Absolutely seamless!! It went extremely well and not one negative comment. Hotel staff was amazing and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it! I would definitely use Hotel Valencia again. Thank you for all your help with the reservation page and hotel accommodations! It could not have gone better!

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